Our Approach

We utilize social media to find people who have furniture and household items that they no longer want and deliver them to people who are exiting homelessness. We discovered that furniture banks in our area have all closed. So we came up with a different concept, based on just-in-time business practices. We partner with local non profits who assist individuals and families with housing. They provide us with a list of what each individual or family needs. Then we need your help! If you have an item on the list and you contact us, we can either schedule a pick up of the item or you can deliver it to us. When we have collected the items on the list, we deliver everything to the individual or family. It is that simple.

Our Story

In April 2017, we were at a fundraising event and saw a video about a client who had been homeless for two years. At the conclusion of the video, the woman had moved into an apartment, but the organization was having a tough time finding her furniture. On the drive home we discussed how we see free furniture listed on social media almost every day. After discovering that the furniture banks in the area had closed, we realized that we has stumbled across an important mission. In 2017 helped about a dozen families.

meet the team


Al Suarez (left) is the main contact for Special Deliveries.

Next Steps…

Each time we have a new client to assist, we will post their list on this website and on our facebook page. Please contact us if you have something to donate that is needed. We are applying for 501 (c)(3) status so that we can raise money to help pay for the gas and other expenses related to our service. Thank you!